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Air Control is the most widespread line of ORMA deodorants and counts 21 different frangrances. 

Air Control can be used to eliminate bad odours and perfume effectively every type of environment, both business and domestic ones. 

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Air Control Classic 

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ORANGE. Fresh and intense, the scent of oranges eliminates odours to make the air pleasant and tangy

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COFFE. A sweet and classic aroma that is also exotic, the coffee scent is especially intended for bars and confectioners.

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LEMONFRESH. A fresh and intense aroma with a predominant note of lemon for a fresh and lively environment. It can stimulate concentration in offices.

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STRAWBERRY. Sweet and long-lasting fragrance with natural strawberry essence. Recommended for food shops, confectioners and ice-cream parlours.

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LAVENDER. Aromatic and fresh, lavender is recommended for its regenerating and calming effect that bestows an immediate feeling of well-being

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BOUQUET. This flowery and fruity smell is ideal for any interior, from waiting rooms to toilet facilities

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WHITE MUSK. White musk is a fragrance with an exceptional persistence. An environment with this perfume benefits from a magic and exotic mood.

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ORIENTAL. Delicate, all-encompassing fragrance with notes of talc. Highly recommended for domestic use.

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MELONE. Sweet and fruity perfume with a delicate, sunny and summery aroma ideal for any type of environment.

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MINT. This perfume with wild mint extract releases freshness into the air and makes the area healthier and more enjoyable. Good at countering the smell of smoke.

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ESOTICFRESH.  Special scent featuring exotic aromas and a predominantly citrus note.

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SPRING. This fragrance combines the essences of various flowers to create a harmonious and relaxing perfume. It is recommended for use in surgeries and waiting rooms.

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VERBENA. The scent of orange, mandarin and verbena combine to create a revitalizing aroma.

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GREEN TEA. Green Tea is a sparkling and sunny fragrance. Thanks to its delicate aroma, Green Tea transmits an immediate sensation of freshness and cleanliness so it is ideal for all kinds of environments.

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PINE. Pine scent is acquired by extracting the fragrance from the plant of the same name; it releases a fresh and balsamic aroma.

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CINNAMON. This sweet and spicy aroma recreates an eastern atmosphere, lending a sense of vitality and relaxation to the room.

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FRESH LINEN.  A special fresh and aromatic smell evocative of the aroma of freshly washed linen and clothes.

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MANGOFRESH.  Light, sunny, very sweet, fresh and delicate fragrance, it generates an immediate relax sensation. Recommended for food shops and for domestic use.

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JASMIN. This fragrance with flowery notes reproduces the delicate aroma of jasmine for tranquillity and relaxation.

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VANILLA. Vanilla is a sweet, exotic and fascinating scent that conveys an immediate feeling of well-being and relaxation.

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GREEN APPLE.  Green apple is a sweet and fruity perfume that can be used in many different environments.