Orma Trofarello

Air Control Plus is an ultra concentrated line of deodorants of the finest quality which has 2 main characteristics: the preciousness and the peculiarity of the essential oils and the high percentage of essence which guarantees an optimal performance also in medium-large environments.

Each cans can guarantees up to 3000 sprays.



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AMBRA. The fragrance Amber mix up floral and fruity notes with the sweet amber fragrance which intensifies them creating a warm and pleasant environment.

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RUBINO. In the perfume Rubino the warm and woody notes of tobacco mix together to creat a perfume of great impact which thanks to its pleasantness and persistence could be used in both domestic and business environments.

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CARAIBI. Caraibi combines the fruity scents of Mango and blackcurrant in a fresh fragrance which will bring you in a tropical environment creating a sparkling and vital atmosphere.

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MEDITERRANEO. Thanks to the essential oils of typical Mediteranean herbs like thyme, mint and rosemary this fragrance has an energizing effect creating a fresh and stimulating atmosphere

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