Orma Trofarello

Masterbox Big is a large sized rat bait station.

Thanks to its hardiness it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Its main features are:
● Built in shockproof Polypropylene treated against UV in order to resist the
atmospheric elements
● Stainless steel and plastic poles are supplied to give the possibility to position
the bait both in a vertical and horizontal way
● Masterbox Big permits the use of monitoring glue boards for crawling
insects at the same time with the rodenticide bait
● Possibility of using the glue plastic tray for mice and the paper glue boards (like Mastertrap)

● It can contain up to 2 of the most widespread snap traps 

In bundle: spacers for the fixing of the station to poles or walls. Stainless steel pole to fix the bait. 6 plastic poles to fix the bait vertically. 2 security keys. Optional: fixing kit for poles or walls.