Orma Trofarello

Delta Super is a liquid concentrate insecticide based on Deltamethrin and Tetramethrin synergized with Piperonyl Butoxide, without solvents (flow formulation )and it is completely odourless.

Its main feature is the fast knockdown action together with the long lasting residual effect.

Delta Super combines together with these features a high safety of use and a strong flushing-out effect, so it is effective against both crawling insects (ants, fleas, cockroaches, etc.) and flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, chironomids, phlebotominae).

It is also effective against bed bugs (Cimex lectularius). 

Delta Super can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments like houses, schools, hospitals, barracks, food industries, zootechnical sectors etc. 

Delta Super can be used in urban green areas, both public and private, and can be distributed with thermal foggers.

Delta super