Orma Trofarello

The Light Fly Trap Eurofly catches all flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, midges, moths, etc.) in an ecological and clean way.

Eurofly is available in 6 different versions.

The insects are attracted by 2 UV lamps, and captured by a special glue board which is placed in the trap.

To increase the effect, the glue contains natural attractants and pheromones.

The glue is UV-resistant, so it is active for a long time.

Eurofly should be placed on a piece of furniture, hanged on the wall or on the ceiling.

Eurofly is according to the law of food hygiene preparation (HACCP).

For its features, Eurofly can be used for the control and capture of flying insects in every food industries (factories, bakeries, restaurant, kitchens, etc).

NEW. Available also with IP65 protection which should be used in very humid environments like butcheries and cheese factories.

This product is supplied with shatterproof lamps.

For this type of light fly trap the glueboards are in plastic.



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