Orma Trofarello

The Fly Barrier UV fly traps combines refined aesthetics with high performance. A large glueboard and 15W UV lamps protect a space of over 150 square meters with discretion and without excessive visual impact.

Fly Barrier must be installed at a height of about 2 - 2.5 meters hanging on the wall or placed on a piece of furniture. Place the machine away from windows to avoid competition with sunlight. Insects attracted by UV lamps are captured by a special adhesive panel powered with food attractants and pheromones. The sophisticated and refined design make its installation ideal in bars, restaurants, bakeries, shops and in general all the activities open to the public. This model of Fly Barrier is available with 3 15 W lamps, and in 2 different colors: grey and black.

Fly Barrier complies with HACCP regulation and is entirely built in Italy. The strict controls carried out during all the production cycle guarantee a high quality. All our appliances carry a 2 year guarantee against all manufacturing faults (except lamps and glueboards).



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