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Fly Trap XL is an ecological, economic and effective big fly trap.

The trap contains a food attractant composed by protein meals and other natural essences, which attracts flies and Phlebotomus species (sand flies). 

It does not contain insecticides or other chemical products. 

A single post can capture up to 40.000 flies. 

Fly Trap XL is ideal for the use in zootechnical settings, such as riding stables, stables and intensive farmings, landfills, cheese factories, etc.

Fly Trap XL must be placed outdoor, where adult insects fly and, if possible, in full sun.

In warmer weather (with temperatures higher than 32°C) we recommend to place the trap in the shade.

For the capture of sand flies, place the trap at 1 meter high.

The bait envelope contained in the trap is water-soluble.

After 4-5 hours it starts to develop its attractive power, which reaches its greatest effectiveness after 3/4 days.

Avoid that the trap dries out, adding water if necessary.

Fly Trap XL is effective for 60-90 days circa.

Fly Trap XL