Orma Trofarello

Fusion Box is a multipurpose tamper proof bait  station  suited  for  both  civil and food industry uses. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used with diferent baits like wax blocks, fresh  bait  or  with  mechanical  snap  traps and it is available in two distinct versions:

1) HIGH TOP: can contain two snap traps for mice or one for rats. An additional  function  is  the  option  to  install  a  glueboard  for  monitoring  insects (could  be  installed  together  with snap  traps  or  rodenticide  bait).  Removing the  manger  allows  use  of  glue  for  monitoring  mice  and  rats.

2) LOW-PROFILE LID: used  primarily  in combination with rodenticide bait and can be placed vertically to reduce the occupied space, or horizontally, like a classic rodent bait station. The low profle allows it to be placed easily under a pallet.

fusion box

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Technical features

  • Manufactured in tamper-proof polypropylene  with  anti-UV  treatment  to resist atmospheric agents 
  • Lockable with safety key
  • Stainless  steel  support  for  wax  blocks and fresh pasta
  • Removable  tray  for  easy  cleaning  and maintenance
  • Simultaneous monitoring of insects and rodents
  • Compatible  with  two  interchangeable lids
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