The Mimetic Mhouse is a trap multicattura for rats and mice that allows you to control the infestations murine without the biocides, but only  natural attrractants.
The idea was born from the desire to eliminate the uncertainty of not knowing where rats and mice poisoned going to die, and by the possible poisoning of animals no target and children.

After more than 30 years of practice in the field of the rat has been studied a product that is easy to use, reusable, and capture 100% guaranteed.
These are the strong points of the mimetic mhouse:
• structure in wear-resistant steel, zinc plated removable and washable
• 3 inputs for rats and mice to have a greater ease in positioning
• no bait rodenticide
• use of only natural attractants
• fully mechanical and eco-friendly

• Hygenic : the captured animals can be eliminated by extracting a box, eliminating the possibility that other pests, such as ticks or fleas from spreading into the surrounding environment.
• Capture in-vivo and not
• 100% Capture Guaranteed
• 2 sizes : medium and large

The patented linkage articulated allows the animal to enter, attracted by the food and take the space that separates it from the feeders (4 feeders 3 closed and 1 open), to feed on the attractant the natural bait virtual, grains....) and drop them in the collection container by lowering the weight of a lever. The animal falls into a removal container which can be washed and reused.

Inside the container you can put water and food to the capture in vivo (steps every 2 days) or the MH-liquid desodorizzante alcohol-based, which slows the degradation of the catches preventing the formation of odours (steps monthly normal temperature conditions).

Easy positioning thanks to the 3 entrances for the animals, and the possibility of spread of the covers that camouflage the presence make the Mimetic Mhouse suitable for any place (schools, hospitals, parks, private homes, food companies, RETAILERS, offices.........).

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mimetic mhouse: eco-friendly trap

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