Mimetic-Mhouse is an innovative multi- capture trap for mice and rats. Versatile and ecologically sound, it enables control of murine infestations without using poisons and with no danger to people or other non-target animals.


The particular bait system allows the rodent to become confident in the trap and eat undisturbed before being captured. This prevents other members of the rodent population to become distrustful.


The captured rodents fall into an internal collection container that prevents any contamination of the surrounding area. The deodorising liquid wich is recommended for Mimetic-Mhouse prevents the spread of unpleasant odours following the capture, allowing the pest controller to sched- ule inspections according to their usual frequency.


  • Use only food bait to perform the captur- ing, using no poisons, and can therefore also be used in sensitive areas, such as food industry sites.
  • Highly reliable mechanical operation without batteries or electrical power.
  • Made from high quality galvanized metal to withstand any environmental conditions, be it indoors or outside.
  • Easy maintenance, demountable, and washable.
  • Small dimensions and ease of positioning even in hard to reach place.


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20,5 x 8,5 x 20 cm

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