Orma Trofarello

Neutrajet is an air freshener in 500 ml can for neutralizing and eliminating bad odours or simply for scenting an environment.

Neutrajet does not just cover odours like most air fresheners on the market - it is specially designed to capture and completely neutralize the molecules of bad odours, replacing them with a delicate scent.

Neutrajet can be used in any environment as it is effective against all types of odour. Simply spray for a few seconds to effectively freshen the room.

Neutrajet is suitable for any type of interior and recommended especially for neutralizing bad odours and freshening the air in areas at risk such as kitchens, toilets, store rooms, changing rooms, waiting rooms, rest homes, clinics, doctor’s offices and other environments in need of quick and efficient air freshening. Available fragrances: Lotus Flower, White Musk.