Water-based liquid deodorant with a multiple action: neutralises  and perfumes.


Odor Fresh completely neutralises any type of odour thanks to its special molecule that absorbs and eliminates smells.


Finally, thanks to the careful selection of fragrances and concentrations, Odor Fresh releases a delicate, long-lasting perfume.


Odor Fresh can be used anywhere that requires quick and efficient deodorising.


Odor Fresh can be used by spraying the product, into the area to be treated, or by spraying into the corners, on the skirting board, inside toilets, showers, washbasins, rubbish bins, etc. You could add a few drops to radiator humidifiers. 


Also, try adding a few drops added to mops and buckets prior to cleaning the floor.


Odor Fresh can also be sprayed directly onto curtains, carpets, etc. 

Orma Air Friend


WHITE MUSK. White musk is a fragrance with an exceptional persistence. An environment with this perfume benefits from a magic and exotic mood.

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750 ml triggered


6 pcs