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Oxygen-Pro® is the new dispenser of the series Oxygen for professional use. Exploiting the Fuel Cell® patented technology, it spreads out a uniform fragrance up to 90 days with a single cartridge. The particular system of dosage and diffusion of the essence allows its fully installation, without the typical height or positioning constraints of traditional dispensers. The cartridge installation can be carried out with a simple gesture by making maintenance easy and fast. Oxygen-Pro® pleasingly perfumes the environment. It does not mask smells, but eliminates them thanks to the characteristic “neutra-lox” molecule contained in the refills. This particular smell knock-down and perfuming system for environments broaden the range of possible applications from offices, bars, toilet facilities, and hotels to veterinary surgeries, waiting rooms, camper vans, boats and in general wherever you wish to have a perfumed and free of smells air. Oxygen-Pro® supports the use of two different types of cartridges. Standard cartridge: duration of 30 days. Big cartridge: maximum duration of 90 days.

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oxygen pro

Masterbox Plus

CRUSH: Mix of pineapple, tropical fruits, and coconut.

NEUTRA-LOX: Malodour neutralizer, perfect for places in which eliminating bad smells is a priority. It is normally used in changing rooms, gyms, waiting rooms and clinics.

SPA: Fresh lavender perfume and aromatic herbs.

TANG: Citrus perfume with orange and mandarin.

Masterbox Plus


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