The Oxygen dispenser is a new design of gas-free fragrance diffuser.


Thanks to its patented Fuel Cell technology, it emits a constant, fixed quantity of perfume each day for the entire duration of the cartridge, guaranteeing a uniform fragrance for 60 days. Oxygen has been designed to maximize the circulation of the air and facilitate the diffusion of the fragrance.

Oxygen does not only mask bad odours, but eliminates them thanks to the specific neutralizing properties of the Neutralox molecule contained in the cartridges.


This twin process of removing odours and dispensing perfume into the room makes the product ideal for use in multiple environments.

It has a very low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and it works using two AA penlight batteries that last over a year.

The diffuser is available in two different colours: white and metallic grey. 

It’s possible order the Oxygen® in vandal-proof version stainless steel.

The cartridges, which all last 60 days, are available in 7 different perfumes.




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CHARM: In this fragrance, melon is combined with green, fresh notes. To these principal components arE added hints of floral and citrus.

GLOW: A sweet perfume that combines the fruity scent of mature cherries with notes of plums and almonds.

FRESH:  A fruit fragrance that combines fresh melon with plum and peach, on a base of green apple

ADORE: A fragrance that combines note of sparkling apple with musky and spicy component

TANG: this fragrance hits you with its intense citrus notes, which are instantly perceptible. However it

does not end there: in fact, this mandarin orange perfume has warm with spicy notes.

SPA: a fresh scent that combines aromatic, flowery notes with lavender and hints of herbs such as rosemary.

PUNCH: a summery perfume that mixes citrus notes with the tropical fruits typical of hot combining the sweetness of mango and papaya.


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2 type AA


6 pcs

6 pcs



063-ADO adore

063-PUN punch

063-CRU crush

063-SPA spa

063-GLO glow

063-FRE fresh

063-TAN tang