Orma Trofarello

Sprayjet is a fragrance for environment that due to its special composition has 3 actions: its high content of quaternary ammonium salts allows it to sanitize the environment.

It can effectively neutralize bad odours due to a special molecule that absorbs and eliminates them. It can pleasantly and effectively scent an environment to create a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere. 

Due to its powerful nozzle Sprayjet can deodorize a large area in a few seconds.

Sprayjet is available in 3 different scents: Amber, Esoticfresh and Bouquet.




BOUQUET. This flowery and fruity smell is ideal for any interior, from waiting rooms to toilet facilities.


AMBRA. The fragrance Amber mixes up floral and fruity notes with the sweet amber fragrance which intensifies them creating a warm and pleasant environment.


ESOTICFRESH. Special scent featuring exotic aromas and a predominantly citrus note.