Orma Trofarello

The IP65 Light Fly Traps allow the capture of flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, midges, moths, wasps, etc., even in very damp and/or dusty environments without using active substances and with no danger of contamination. Both Flycontrol and Eurofly are available with this particular degree of electrical protection that guarantees its proper operation even if they are exposed to occasional water jets or dust. Flycontrol and Eurofly IP65 are provided with standard shatterproof neon lights and are compliant with food hygiene regulations (HACCP). Flycontrol IP65 can be fixed on the wall, while Eurofly IP65 can be also hanged from the ceiling through an appropriate chain. Both models can be employed in factories belonging to food supply chain such as dairies, slaughterhouses, abattoirs, kitchens, bakeries, processing factories, etc.


UV-light fly traps

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