Orma Air Friend

Masterfresh® is a fan operating air freshener with liquid cartridge that matches design with a great effectiveness.

It is ideal to use in bar, hotels and toilettes.

Some of the features of Masterfresh® are:

  • Liquid cartridge guarantees a constant fragrancing for 30-45 days
  • Anti Vandalism security closure
  • Photoelectric cell
  • Designed with attention to the smallest details
  • Made In Italy
  • 2 years guarantee




1 type D


18 pcs

12 pcs




LEMON. A fresh and intense aroma with a predominant note of lemon for a fresh and lively environment. It can stimulate concentration in offices.

PINE. Pine scent is acquired by extracting the fragrance from the plant of the same name; it releases a fresh and balsamic aroma.

HEMISPHERE. In the fragrance Hemisphere the woody and warm notes of Sandalwood mix themselves with the aromatic fragrance of Tobacco creating an intense and persistent perfume.

LAVENDER. Aromatic and fresh, lavender is recommended for its regenerating and calming effect that bestows an immediate feeling of well-being.

STRAWBERRY. This sweet and fruity fragrance is suggested for the use in pastries and food shops.

CINNAMON. This sweet and spicy aroma recreates an eastern atmosphere, lending a sense of vitality and relaxation to the room.

FLOWER. This flowery and fruity smell is ideal for any interior, from waiting rooms to toilet facilities.

RUBINO. In the perfume Rubino the warm and woody notes of tobacco mix together to create a perfume of great impact which thanks to its pleasantness and persistence could be used in both domestic and business environments.