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Masterbox Plus is a rat bait station which suits all the rat and pest control needs.

It could be used with wax blocks, grains, fresh and liquid baits and at the same time it could work as crawling insects monitoring station.

In fact under the manger the operator could easily position any glueboard now available on the market.

Here follow some of the characteristics that make Masterbox Plus a multi-purpose and high quality choice for the professional pest controllers:

● Manufactured in shockproof polypropylene weather and UV resistant

● Closure with security key

● Pole in stainless steel to fix the wax blocks horizontally

● Poles in plastic to fix the bait vertically

● Can be used with the liquid rodenticide

● Extractible tray for easy cleaning and maintenance

● Monitoring of crawling insects and at the same time the use of the rodenticide ● Space of 2 cm under the manger to place the glueboards for cockroaches

● Could contain the most widespread snap traps

● New fixing system which allows a rapid release for a fast maintenance of the bait station

In bundle: spacers to fix the station to poles or walls,  stainless steel support for bait fixing, three vertical supports to fix the rodenticide, fast release support and one key


masterbox PLUS

Masterbox Plus

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